Windshield Repair & Replacement Lynchburg

Need Auto Glass Repair or Replacement?.

At Lynchburg Windshield Repair we perform auto glass repairs on all personal and fleet auto glass, R.V., School Bus, Semi / Tractor Trailer, windscreens, and all other automobiles with laminated glass including late model side and rear glass windows.

Personal Vehicle

Auto Glass Repair

With most "full coverage" insurance, repair is 100% FREE* If your personal automobile has a break, chip, or crack and you want to get it repaired before that break turns into a crack call us at (434) 363-3440 and one of our mobile repair technicians will come to your home, business, or meet up with you at a time and place convenient to you for the repair. We are centrally located in Lynchburg VA where our mobile technicians service the entire Lynchburg area, including Madison Heights, Forest, Woodlands, Timberlake and everywhere in between.

Our technicians can repair all kinds of chips, and breaks including combinations, bulls eyes, bees-wings, pressure rings, half moons, and cracks in your car glass. Even those up to 18" inches long. After we finish the job the structural integrity of your windshield is restored. Depending on the size of the crack a small blemish may be visible where the break once was but most of the time it is hardly noticeable.

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance Manager would you like to save $$$ money on costly replacements? We specialize in weekly fleet vehicle maintenance of your vehicles, so if you have a fleet of vans, cars, semis, or trucks; or if you are a dealership or auto broker with vehicles that need to be reconditioned before the sale we are the glass repair team to call first. We also offer all glass repair services to R.V. (Recreational Vehicles) dealers or personal owners.

Laminated Windows "Safety Glass"

Some of the newer or upgraded homes, schools, and businesses are being installed with laminated glass windows or "safety glass". We can repair all chips, stars, breaks, and cracks on these types of glass as well saving you the high cost of replacement.

A More Cost Effective Solution

Windshield and laminated glass repairs are done at a reasonable price without the costly expense of removing and replacing the auto glass and seal. *We are a preferred auto glass repair vendor of insurance companies who in many cases will waive your insurance deductible for your repair if you have comprehensive insurance ("full coverage"). With the deductible waived there will be absolutely no costs to you making our front glass repair service 100% FREE. If you do not have "full coverage" insurance don't worry we are more cost effective than all other companies in the area.

Our Professional Guarantee

For the period you own your vehicle or laminated glass, if our repair opens further, we will at our discretion, repair the additional damage at no charge. If the damage cannot be re-repaired we will refund the original cost of the repair. This warranty applies as long as you own, lease, or rent the vehicle on which the repair has been performed and is not transferable.

Windshield & Laminated Glass Repair Waiver

Understand a vehicle front window and other types of laminated glass are very fragile and that the repair process involves the pressure injection of an acrylic resin into the damaged part of the glass. The degree of success of each repair may vary. The best results are obtained when the damage is recent, the laminated glass is cool, and the point of impact as well as surrounding cracks are small.

Moisture and other contamination in the damaged area will result in a more noticeable repair blemish. Understand that in some cases, the attempt to repair a windscreen or laminated glass can result in the break, chip, or crack becoming larger. If this occurs our Repair Technician will try to stop the damage from increasing by repairing it. Lynchburg Windshield Repair Pro is not liable for any such damage and will not replace your windscreen or laminate under any circumstance and is the sole responsibility of the glass owner.